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After a long and difficult stage 1, the Washington Justice have found a ray of sunshine at last—their first win, and the addition of NYXL’s ArK to their roster.

Despite looking strong on paper, the Washington Justice have had a rough 2019 season. They didn’t manage to secure a win until facing off against the Florida Mayhem at the end of stage 1. With a win-loss record of 1-6, the Justice are ranked at fifteen of twenty teams. They will have to make some serious alterations to their play if they want to make a comeback in stage 2.

The Washington Justice add ArK to their stylized franchise in a Twitter announcement.

The addition of ArK to their roster, however, certainly helps their chances. ArK joins Janus as the second player to leave NYXL for the Washington Justice. The Justice have a strong Zenyatta player in Gido, so we’ll probably see ArK stepping in for Fahzix on Lucio. First he’ll need some time to practice with his new team.

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ArK had an exceptionally strong 2018 season, ranking fourth in overall healing (average per ten minutes). He has yet to see any play in the current season, largely because his main support, Mercy, isn’t part of the 3-3 meta which still dominates the professional scene. ArK also tends to take a back seat to NYXL’s superstar healer JjoNak.


While it’s not clear what instigated ArK’s move, based on his Twitter update, he seems to be leaving NYXL on good terms. At this point, it looks like ArK simply wasn’t getting the on-stage time he wanted or needed. Washington Justice will certainly benefit from such a high-profile addition to their team.

NYXL has historically maintained its roster, and ArK is only the second player ever to be traded to another team. Hopefully his move to Washington Justice will ensure that this support master gets the time on stage he richly deserves.


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