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Washington Justice acquire Sleepy

After a rough start in the Overwatch League, Washington Justice decided to bring on another player by trading in a talented flex- support Nikola “Sleepy” Andrews from the lines of San Francisco Shock.

Washington Justice will not be looking positively on the beginning of this year, as they stand defeated twelve times, with only one victory being added to their sheet. The team management has been relentless in their search for a solution, previously already making a trade by acquiring  Yeonjoon “ArK” Hong from the New York Excelsior. A potential flaw in the team was to be solidified by making the support line stronger.

Washington Justice acquire Sleepy

With San Francisco Shock already having a very powerful basis of talented players in their team, they have accepted to trade in a player Washington Justice have been keeping eyes on for some time. The news of the acquisition was made public by a statement posted on SF Shock’s twitter account:

“It’s always tough saying goodbye to a family member, but ultimately we know that @sleepy deserves a spot on the @overwatchleague stage. Thank you for everything you have brought to our team and good luck with @washjustice

Washington Justice acquire Sleepy

Sleepy will certainly have more opportunities to grow in this surrounding, as he will be getting more game time with the new team. He has played his first game with the team on April 19, as Washington Justice immediately enlisted him in the starting lineup, putting him on the spot of “Gido”. With all eyes on him, many felt he gave a quiet performance, not living up to what was expected of his coming to the Blizzard Arena. The team took the bitter edge against the Los Angeles Valiant, losing 3-1.

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This was yet another weak performance for the team that is showing some great potential with the players they had or have recently acquired. It will certainly take some time for the Washington Justice to build up ground on which they can work, as players still have to find a way to better understand one another and build a strong belief in their common cause.

Washington Justice acquire Sleepy

About Nikola “Sleepy” Andrews

Nikola Andrews is twenty years old and comes from Topeka, Kansas. Even as a young boy, he has shown great interest for gaming, with Team Fortress 2 being his first PC game. Always aspiring to become a professional player, he saw his path to glory in Overwatch. He was picked up by Tempo Storm NA at the beginning of 2017.

Tempo Storm NA

After leaping changes being made to the team of Tempo, a series of trades were made, bringing players in and out of the team. This climate enabled “Sleepy” to be picked to the team and saw him debut in the Haste Overwatch tournament. He has achieved second place in his first professional tournament, which marked a promising start.

Sadly, things were not looking good for Tempo Storm NA, as they played very poorly throughout the future fixures, leaving “Sleepy” with no other choice but to become a free agent.

San Francisco Shock

Since the departure of “dummy” from NRG eSports, a flex support spot was opened for the team. “Sleepy” was one of the players that applied for the role and was granted the same. The team announced that they will be coming into the Overwatch League as the San Francisco Shock in 2017. Even though he was with the team from the beginning, he was not the first to be picked for the SF Shock.

Washington Justice

Washington Justice will be eager to test their newest member in the games that follow and hope that the recent changes will bring up a new and refined image to the team. Since they already have plenty of support players stacked up, maybe some future trades will bring in more offensive roles, with DPS and Tank players being the next potential move for the team.


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