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The year 2019 is the best year so far for Esports partnerships with traditional sports brands. There have been plenty of announcements recently. West Ham FC and Bundled have teamed up and look forwards together. The team pulled a similar move as Man City who just recently entered into a long partnership with FaZe Clan.

West Ham FC and Bundled Partnership Details

The announcement of this partnership is very much welcomed and shows that there will be more of these combined ventures. West Ham has stated on their website that it is a two-year partnership. It takes effect from the start of the 2020 FIFA season. The football club has been involved in Esports in the past, being the first Premier League club to sign an Esports player three years back.

west ham fc and bundled esports partnership

The partnership is set to strengthen West Ham’s influence in Esports

West Ham Digital and Commercial Director, Karim Virani in a statement about this partnership said: “The club has always been proactive and one of the pioneers in the Esports arena, and this partnership is another step on our journey. Bundled is a forward-thinking, dynamic company who are passionate about the Esports space and will help us to continue to grow and be one of the leading premier league clubs going into this FIFA season and beyond”

Entering into a partnership with the Netherland based Esports agency is not the only step West Ham took. They’ve also announced the signing of two FIFA pros who are Jas Singh and Gabriel Fawaz, popularly known as Yago.

west ham player in fifa

West Ham ingame


Both players are no strangers to competitive FIFA. Jas went all the way to Semi-Finals in last season’s EPremier League. Yago placed second in FIFA eNations World Cup last season.

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The West Ham FC and Bundled partnership is the right fit. This is due to the experience Bundled has when it comes to managing and coaching FIFA players.

What do you think this partnership will bring to both parties? Let us know in the comments below!

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