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If you’re just tuning in to this whole fascinating tournament in Fortnite called the Fortnite Summer Skirmish, then you missed some of the action. Not to worry though! There are more than enough online sources where videos of the matches can be found. But, it would have been better if you took part in watching the tournament from the beginning because, let me tell you, it was an absolute blast!

eSports betting fans or just regular spectators – you name it, everyone took part in this. Maybe not directly like the players did, but these are all crucial aspects of an eSports tournament of this magnitude. And that’s exactly what Epic Games wanted to accomplish with the Summer Skirmish; a large-scale tournament with impressive prizes that would cater to players of all skill levels and backgrounds.

When it was first announced, everyone, and I mean everyone, that was in the slightest involved with Fortnite paid close attention as to what would happen next. Announcement after announcement and we finally got to the point where the tournament started off. And it was great! The brains behind it, the ideas, the flow of creativity – whatever is needed to create something unique was here.

Epic Games really managed to kickstart their eSports campaign with the Summer Skirmish. But what even is it? What type of tournament are we talking about? Why is it so special? How about we answer all of these questions so you don’t have to keep guessing or imagining what it’s like!

Let’s Start From the Beginning

Img Credit: Epic Games

When Fortnite was introduced a little over one year ago, no one expected it to become the industry giant it is today. And it’s just one year old. Most people thought it was just another clone; in this case PUBG’s clone. However, when it actually came out and people started playing, the only thing in common it had with PUBG was the Battle Royale game mode.

Those that spoke against Fortnite soon realized that their arguments didn’t actually have the weight they thought they had. So, naturally, more and more people started giving Fortnite a shot and, well, look at where we are.

Fortnite started expanding rapidly, without any stop in sight. New skins came out, new maps as well, even new game modes sometimes make an appearance. Epic Games take Fortnite very seriously, hence the dedication. They also wanted to give stuff back to the players. People who never had any professional eSports gaming background started taking part in ranked games and climbing the later and soon they would find themselves at the top. This is all part of the Fortnite story that has, since Fortnite’s inception, become sort of a motivational tale.

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Now, when Epic Games realized the potential of their game, rumours started to spread about a possible massive tournament, hosted by Epic Games themselves. Soon after, these rumours became fact. And we’re at this point today.

The Fortnite Summer Skirmish

The first major tournament related to Fortnite, the Summer Skirmish is honestly a marvel of the gaming industry. No other game developer could afford to host a tournament this big in their first year. Let that sink in. It took just one year for this tournament to see the light of day and the prize pool is quite astonishing; a monumental $8,000,000! League of Legends’ first tournament had a prize pool of a meager $98,500. Dota 2, on the other hand, featured a prize pool of $1,600,000; an amount that’s big in itself but not nearly as huge as the Summer Skirmish one. Mind you, Dota has been around for a long, long time, and Dota 2 came into existence in 2013 (although development started in 2009 and there were a couple of playable releases between then and the official release date).

Fortnite characters in the background with a '100,000,000 in prize pools' text in the foregound

Epic Games provides $100,000,000 in Fortnite eSports Tournament Prize Pools [Img Credit: Epic Games]

And now look at Epic Games with Fortnite – eight million dollars. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention one thing. This isn’t even half of it. It’s the top of the iceberg. Epic Games has said that the complete prize pool for the first year of competitive play is going to be $100,000,000. I don’t even know what to say, honestly. That’s just bonkers. But, well, here we are, talking about a tournament that is the first of its kind, related to a new game, with a staggering prize pool.

Now, let’s take a look at the tournament format. Epic Games took an interesting approach to this tournament’s format which is what players like about them. Basically, there are 8 weeks throughout which the tournament will take place (we’re currently in week 6 with games being on Fridays and Saturdays). Each week hosts a different format. So, for example, week 7 might have three player teams whilst week eight could have an all-out brawl between 100 players. It all depends on what they think of. This keeps the tournament fresh!

You also have no idea who’s going to win because your favorite streamer might be great at solo play, but not that good at team play, so it’s always a tall order to make the correct prediction.

Some Final Words

If you take a look at the whole picture, it’s safe to say that Epic Games won’t stop until they’ve grown tired of doing this job (which is most likely never). The Fortnite Summer Skirmish is just a sign of things to come, not only because it looks like it, but because Epic Games themselves have said that they have big plans for the game.

This isn’t a slow waltz into the eSports scene, this is a huge friggin leap forward! And that’s what we love about them; ingenuity, bravery, and complete and utter motivation (and a dash of crazy methinks).


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3 years ago

The event is an eight-week long celebration of competitive Fortnite, where top players and streamers fight each other under the auspices of Epic Games, vying for a grand total of $8,000,000 in prizes.

Lavius Seraphyn
3 years ago

Fortnite’s Summer Skirmish Week Epic is still working on cracking this competitive Fortnite nut, mostly by trying to balance serious skill-based play and the sort of entertainment factor that people have come to expect from some of the game’s more prominent personalities.

Laxius Corva
3 years ago

The Kingpin format simulates that environment by varying the incentives and scoring rules on a per team, per rounds basis depending on how that team performed in the previous round.