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The Esports scene continues to grow year in, year out and this growth has come with big crowds filling up seats in Esports event, different fan bases supporting their favorite teams all over and also unbelievable game plays from pro players. It is safe to say that Esports events have seen it all, here is a list of the most wholesome Esports moments over the years;

Most Wholesome Esports Moments

10. Legendary Faker/Ryu Outplay

An Esports moment that would forever be talked about in League of Legends history was created by the god of LOL himself when Faker displayed a mechanical brilliance never before seen at an international stage and cemented SKT’s dominance in 2016 making them back to back League of Legends world champions.

9. Final Quake live 2010 

One of the most wholesome Esports moments in 2010 definitely had to be the finals between Cypher and Cooler at Quake Con 2010. Cooler was already leading 2 to1 but in the final minutes of the game, cypher turned the game round on its head at stunned the audience at the Finals Quake live by coming on top with a 3 to 2 victory.

8. Team X vs NIP Gaming

CS:GO DreamHack Summer 2013 will always be an Esports moment to go down in history. Team Ninjas in Pyjamas gaming and also the rest of CS: GO fandom will never forget as it was a year of a memorable comeback that had the audience applauding with a standing ovation. Team X had been dominating the game right from the start but in the final round and after poor decision making by a member of Team X plus nerves coming into play, NIP gaming turned it around.

7. Alliance vs Na’vi 

When talks of nice Esports moments are mentioned it is hard to forget the international finals of Dota 2. In the last minute of gameplay, Team Alliance’s S4 cancelled the teleport of two Na’ Vi members which prevented them from being able to defend against the final push on the Na’ Vi base which saw Team Alliance take the victory and walk away from the tournament 1 million plus richer.


This Esports moment also showed that Valve Corporation was not playing around with their prize pool as they delivered big on the grandest of all stages.

6. Axe Vs Silentwolf

The Evo 2014 championship series which featured the game of Super Smash Bros saw the legend Axe live up to the already drummed up hype. In what could be regarded as the most one-sided of games, Axe used Pikachu to beat silent wolf in a 4 round game in just under 45 seconds, the crowd went wild and kept on chanting Pikachu till the very end.

5. KT Rolster Vs Invictus Gaming

In what is known as one of the most insane base races in League of Legends history, in game 3 between KT Rolster and Invictus Gaming both teams were at each other’s bases hammering away to be the fastest one to destroy their opponent’s bases. KT Rolster eventually won the base race and took the game to round 4 keeping their hopes alive.

4. Rocket League Season 6 Grand Finals

If there is an Esports team that is known not only for creating history but also defying all odds, it has to be Cloud 9 and this was seen at the 2018 Rocket League Grand Finals where the North American team defeated the two-time world champions, Dignitas in an enthralling match to become Rocket League champions.

3. MSI 2018 – RNG Extravaganza

When it comes to the most wholesome Esports moments, League of Legends tournaments never fail to deliver whether it be at midseason invitationals, world championships or regional plays. The 2018 MidSeason Invitationals and team RNG did not fall short off the hype. Already having a good season at regionals, all eyes were on RNG and more specifically on its bot laner, Uzi who put on a show from killing sprees to double kills, Uzi ran the MSI and inevitably RNG lifted the trophy

2. Starcraft World Championship Series Global finals 2018

Korea is well known for its dominance when it comes to the game of Starcraft with its European and North American counterparts way well behind but one young lad was well determined to change this and his name is Joona Serral Sotala. Serral who hails from Finland made an unforgettable Esports moment when he won the Global finals by beating some of the strongest names in Starcraft including Zest, Dark, sOs and became the first-ever non-Korean in the history of Starcraft franchise to do so.

1. LoL Worlds 2012 – Taipei Assassins Pull it Off!

At our number one wholesome Esports moments list, we go way back to 2012, a time where Esports was not the big force it is becoming today, a time where mechanical brilliance and plays were not fully developed. We go back to the 2012 League of Legends World Champions and the story of Taipei Assassins who were not even in the favorites. Though they had dominated the LOL league in their home, the international stage was a different ball game.


The 2012 LOL championship had Moscow 5 and Azubu Frost as favorites but after the first two games, fans shared in the energy of the Taipei Assassins players, their passion and humor became something fans loved and soon enough they had created a huge fandom at worlds who were always cheering for them until the final game where they took on the terrifying, Azubu Frost.

Taipei Assassins

In what looked like it was going to be a one way match for Azubu Frost when they took victory in game one soon turned to a nightmare for the team when the Taipei Assassins found their voice and took control of game two and in game three, Azubu was forced to surrender leaving the Assassins to finish what they had started in game 2 and become World champions in 2012.

So these are some of the most wholesome Esports moments over the years, and as Esports events continue to get bigger, the best is surely yet to come!

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