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Why are The International 2019 tickets on a hold up?

The distribution of The International 2019 tickets will begin a while later then Valve previously declared. One of the main reasons was that Gabe Newell, Lord Gaben of Dota 2, refused to sign a forwarding-partnership with Damai.com. For a long period of time, this was Valve’s main concern. The inconvenience, unpleasantries, and even theft – Valve made the right move.

Lord Gaben did not inflict The International 2019 ticket hold up, it was predestined.

Photo courtesy: Lord Gaben

Recent tournament records show that almost 90% of all tickets were purchased by scammers. While League of Legends was taking place in China in 2017, tickets were there for the taking on Damai.com. But the moment the distribution started, the Damai.com platform „suddenly“ crashes. And the moment the platform was back online, all the tickets were bought by bots. Sinister. But hold on, this was nothing.

A similar occasion happened right before The Chongqing Major. Just a couple of minutes after the ticket distribution began, adverts of tickets were popping out with a price higher four f-ing times than the original. Damai.com was nonchalantly profiting 400% out of these.

Thankfully, as soon as the truth came out, Gabe Newell ended all connections towards Davai.com. Whatsoever, it’s securing to see Valve taking precaution against scammers, revealing them to the world while discouraging their degrading activities.

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More of Valve’s scammer-fraudery fighting can be found in this article: Valve Takes Precaution against Dragonclaw Hook Scam Pages

The Compendium adds a % to The International 2019 ticket value.

Image courtesy: Valve

TI9 will be played between August 20th and August 25th, with its location in Shanghai. The starting prize-pool of TI9 is $1.6 million. But it will significantly increase after adding a % of Compendium’s distribution. And lastly, from 18 top-tear teams around the world, only four have a secured slot at TI9. Althought it’s few months away, I hope you enjoy the show. It’s truly out of this world.

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