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Percentage of Women in Esports

Only two years ago, the percentage of Esports audience being female was around 23.9%. However, by the end of 2018, women Esports viewership rose to 30.4%. With over four hundred million fans globally Esports has, this is actually a huge increase. On the other side of the screen though, women make up around 35% of the players. It is possible that this narrowing gender gap has to do with the way Esports communities, events, and games are organized.


Statistically, women’s involvement in Esports goes as follows: 35% of Esports players, 30% of Esports audience, and 20% of the serious audience. However, these statistics include mobile games, in which women are a majority with 66% of players. On the PC/Console leading games, the male population is still in dominant numbers. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: 76% male players, Rainbow 6 Siege: 77% male, Overwatch: 74% male.

Esports viewership

In game studios’ eyes, making video games for women is both cheaper and more profitable. This statement comes from the fact that women mostly occupy mobile game territory.

Statistically, women are 79% more likely to make in-app purchases once they downloaded the game. They require 20.2% less advertisement resources to be convinced to download an app. And, as most of us already know, they are more likely to enjoy puzzle games than action and strategy games. Those games are much cheaper to make than the latter, ultimately making most mobile games catered for women’s taste.

Men, on the other side, are more likely to spend money in free-to-play titles. They’re also more likely to buy an AAA title. This does not mean sexist marketing for these games though, as it’s mostly not aimed specifically at men.

There was a new study conducted by an analyst firm Interpret. They surveyed 9.000 US residents every quarter for the last two years. This is what they concluded: “If two years from now, the female audience grabs an additional 6.5% in share, Esports viewership will be in gender parity with what we consider standard among traditional console and PC games.”

Esports viewership

Why is This Important?

Of course, all of this is simply a result of men’s and women’s nature. It makes sense that the industry is predominated by males as action and strategy, the most common, are both male-preferred mechanics. The games are literally accidentally designed to exclude women.

There are more factors that are present, unfortunately, like discrimination. But as more and more women watch Esports, a sight of a woman playing may become more common. That would probably directly affect the amount of discrimination women could face for better.

Apex Legends is not an Esports title yet, as it is a very young game. But it features many elements women could like, like puzzle-based tactics and teamwork. The important thing is that one of two game’s producers is a woman.

This is important because the game’s studios are usually about 65% male. Women there mostly occupy less influential roles to the game’s mechanics and market, like animators and artists. Having a woman make some critical decisions for the game will be very interesting to see, and probably increase women’s Esports viewership!

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