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The curtains draw in Berlin for League of Legends 2019 Worlds group stage! The show now moves to Madrid for the Worlds 2019 Quarter-Finals draw (and matches). From 16 teams in groups, it is now down to 8 teams who look to continue their journey to lift the Summoners Cup.

The closing of the group stage sees all EU and Korean teams make it out, which is a remarkable achievement, especially for the EU side.

Worlds 2019 Quarter-Finals Draw Table of Contents

What’s the Worlds 2019 Quarter-Finals Draw Like?

From Group A, both Griffin and G2 are the teams who will fly to Madrid. Group B sees China’s Fun Plus Phoenix and Splyce make it out alive. For the group of death, SKT’s dominant performance did enough to book them a ticket to the capital of Spain, while Rekkles slew his demon and got Fnatic on that plane.

worlds 2019 quarter-finals draws

Worlds 2019 Quarter-Finals Draw

Damwon and Invictus clawed their way out of Group D at the expense of Team Liquid. They were North America’s last hope of reaching Quarter-Finals.

Riot’s Quickshot, with the help of team Origen’s support player Mithy, unleashed the draw for Worlds 2019 Quarter-Finals. First seeds from groups are pit against second seeds. There’s a rule where a team can not draw to a team it faced in groups.

Damwon Gaming vs G2 Esports

Korea’s Damwon Gaming, who finished top of their group, face G2 Esports.  The best of 5 between these two teams is one that fans are looking forward to because of the suspense it holds. While G2 are the favorites to win this match, you really cannot write Damwon off.

The game that took Damwon to the Quarters

Damwon came out top in a group which had 2018 World champions in it. For a team that fought its way through play-ins, this is an outstanding feat. They will want to go even further by taking down the grand slam chasers.

FunPlus Phoenix vs Fnatic

Another exciting matchup in the Quarter-Finals is FunPlus Phoenix vs. Fnatic. FunPlus came into worlds as China’s 1st seed, and out of all the 1st seeds from major regions, they have been the most disappointing.

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They almost lost the 1st seed place in groups to EU’s Splyce. FunPlus also haven’t been too convincing in games. The chances of FunPlus winning the best of 5 here depends on what Phoenix side we get to see in the Quarter-Finals.

FunPlus struggled against Splyce but managed to reach the Quarter-Finals

For Fnatic, they come into this Quarter-Finals after taking down SKT and RNG to make it out of the group of death. From 1-2 in the first week of groups, they turned the script around with a 3-0 in week two. Making it out of that group gives Fnatic the belief that they can destroy anyone standing in their way.

Griffin vs Invictus Gaming

Asides from these two draws, there is the Griffin vs. Invictus Worlds 2019 Quarter-Finals match. Or, if you like, IG’s TheShy vs. Griffin’s Sword showdown. Invictus, like their Chinese counterparts FunPlus, are also struggling with world metas and overall gameplay. So if IG is going to win this, it also comes down to which IG we get to see in the best of 5 series. The chance of becoming World Champions twice in a row will also be a massive motivation for the Chinese Side.

IG’s Uzi delivered in almost every match!

For Griffin, they are up against an experienced side, but if they repeat their form showed in those last two games against G2, they might continue their fairy tale story at Worlds 2019. With a lot of controversy surrounding the management of the Korean team, beating IG can be positive news for them.

SK Telecom T1 vs Splyce

The last match coming up in the Quarter-Finals is between SKT and Splyce. Already fans in the LoL community have marked this as an easy win for SKT, but if there is anything worth noting in this Worlds is that any team can make it (well, except NA teams).

SKT was dominant from day 1

Even though Splyce is EU’s 3rd seed, they finished strong in week two of groups and took the fight to FunPlus Phoenix in groups. Faker’s SKT has to be cautious of Splyce and not overlook the damage that could happen in the Best of 5 series.

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Apart from the SKT- Splyce game, all the other games for Worlds Quarter-Finals look to be a question of fine margins, a test of drafts and metas. The journey to lift the Summoners cup is becoming intense. As Worlds 2019 reaches knockouts in a best of 5 series, it will come down to who handles the pressure at the Palacio Vistalegre in Madrid.

Who do you think will come out on top from these 4 matchups? And who might win Worlds 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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