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Soon, it is time for Operation: Burnt Horizon to start its Rainbow 6 Siege year 4. Ubisoft plans to increase the post-launch support and continue making the game better.

The first thing they plan to do, which is a fundamental change, is to split the developer team into dedicated cells that will work on separate parts of the game. These parts are maps, balance, events, and operators. One of these segments includes a team whose job is to keep an eye on players and toxic behavior. For example, if a player decides to troll his team with friendly fire, the damage inflicted will reflect right back at them.

Rainbow 6 siege year 4

The planned reworks will improve existing environments and tweak gameplay, such as creating new paths and adding more covers. At this point, Ubisoft stated that they have to pay attention to both new players and those who have been there for the past four years.

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Rainbow 6 Siege year 4 will also have a greater focus on events. Previously, the events featured limited time challenges and some themes. In the future, they plan to create a Left 4 Dead style campaign and focus on it. With new mechanics and gameplay tactics, this serves as a test-bed for Rainbow 6 Siege year 4 to show how these mechanics will be accepted by the community.

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