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Hearthstone Year of the Dragon, another game’s yearly rotation is coming in fast. Bringing the end for the previous Year of the Raven, it includes a lot of different changes: new solo content, a story across all three expansions, meta-changing card changes.

Blizzard posted which cards are switching from standard play to the Wild Format on their website. The Wild Format is a mode where all cards remain available. Along with rotating expansions from two years ago, nine new cars will be added to the Hall of Fame. Legendary cards like Baku The Mooneater and Genn Greymane will be rotated a year earlier than it was initially planned.

These cards were the centerpieces in their own decks and were deemed too powerful. Nerfing other cards did not help mitigate the issue, so it’s time for them to go. Three more cards which Blizzard thought were too dominant – Ice Block, Coldlight Oracle, and Molten Giant were removed from Standard, too.

So, this year, it’s the turn of the Warlock card Doomguard, Druid card Naturalize, and Paladin card Divine Favor.

Aggressive decks usually have a problem with lack of card draw – a balancing measure. Early in the game, the player would dump their hand to deal as much early damage as possible. If their opponent managed to fend them off, a big problem emerged.

This is where Divine Favor came in very, presumably too useful – it allowed fast Paladin decks to dump their whole hand and then draw an equal number of cards their opponent is holding. With this, you can reload the board over and over again. So, Blizzard said: “To provide better control over the power level of future aggressive Paladin decks, we are moving Divine Favor to the Hall of Fame.”

However, the reasoning behind removing Naturalize is not so obvious, nor does it make as much sense. This is a card that’s been here from the beginning of the game, allowing druids to destroy an opponent’s minion and letting the opponent draw two cards in exchange. Blizzard explained the removal by saying that “Druids have long struggled to remove their opponent’s large minions” and that Naturalize is removed to protect that class identity.

Because these cards are removed in addition to the ordinary rotations, players will receive bonus crafting dust as a reimbursement.

Hearthstone Year of the Dragon will also bring new single-player content. Although we don’t know the details yet, we do know that there will be new characters and decks against various bosses.

It will be released over four weeks. The first chapter is free, and the remainder will cost $19.99, or 2100 gold in-game.

hearthstone year of the dragon

The players will now also be able to reroll legendary quests. These are the quests that come with expansions and usually offer card packs for minor tasks. If you don’t want to do the given task, you can reroll it instead of having to grind through.

Finally, you can now set yourself to get a random card back after every game. Blizzard is promising many influential changes to the game with more communication with the players. This means that many things players were waiting for have a higher chance to be addressed. With the new approach, we’re sure the game is developing in the right direction!

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