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Yoshi Story

Research has shown that it would take 886-900 hours to walk from California to Florida. Now that’s roughly 36-38 days, and I’m thinking of making that journey. Not for any political or economical advancements, more for the opportunity to explore and to see the world around me. The idea of enhancing Yoshi (Little Bop) with cybernetic body parts is to enable anyone wanting to join me on my journey to do so with the press of a button. So let’s begin with the Yoshi story.

Yoshi (Little Bop) is one of the most iconic and loveable characters. It has its own cult following and is maybe even more loveable than Mario (just my opinion). I’ve done my own research and collected a lot of evidence to support this opinion.

Yoshi Story plushies

A boatload of Yoshis

Kids aged 1 – 8: Their eyes light up and grow big. They recognize Yoshi and attempt to play with it and touch it.

Kids aged 9 – 13: They point their fingers and chuckle at the sight of yoshi, as well as attempt to steal it.

Teens (13 -21): They laugh at the thought of a grown man walking around with a Yoshi. Hence they attempt to start a conversation and ask questions to make sense of it. They end up respecting the answer and admiring the personality.

Adults (21-elderly): They laugh at the thought of a grown man walking around with a plush, but their eyes light up and they point at it. Besides wanting to play with it, they question why I carry it and attempt to buy or hug it.

Yoshi plushy

There is also this cute guy

So, the data I’ve gathered from several of months of Yoshi being my travel companion shows that everyone has a different, special relationship with Yoshi. I love the impact it has on people as I walk into a building or down the street. They smile and laugh, and maybe for that brief moment, I would say Little Bop lights up someone’s life. It brings joy to a world that makes us grow up too fast and too quick. A world where it’s far-fetched for an adult to have a childlike sense of wonder; where people scoff at or even scold a person  who carries plushies around.

I couldn’t care less about the negative aspects of my research, because there absolutely is more positive implications, with and without the data.

People love Yoshi and Yoshi loves people. That’s the reason why I’m so adamant about enhancing Yoshi – not just for my story of travel and personal growth. It’s also to light up others who also need some positivity or happiness, as well as the courage to just be themselves in a world that makes us change to meet the status quo. So the Yoshi Story isn’t just his; it’s the story of all of us.

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