Home » DOTA 2 » You Can Unlock Ranked MMR On New Account Quickly With This Bug

Dota 2 is full of bugs and every day there are people who are looking to exploit them. No matter how many times an update comes and you read “Bug Fixes”, don’t be fooled. This new Dota 2 bug on new account just confirms this as fact.

We know that you when you make a new account on Dota 2 , then you cannot play ranked games until you have played 100 games in normal or turbo matchmaking, but that doesn’t include 1v1 games. However, recently boosters have found a way around to play 100 games in a matter of hours.

This is how it works, when you find a 1v1 match and after you get match, without picking any hero you abandon the match, that will count as one match played in normal or turbo game.


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