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Yuumi LoL Guide

We have come across a lot of different supports when it comes to League of Legends. From tanks such as Blitzcrank or Leona to mage supports such as Janna or Nami. This time Riot had a different idea, a squishy Magical kitten that’s riding her book like a surfboard. Yuumi is not only a sweet cat, but as a matter of fact, she has an attitude. This Magical support goes extremely well when having a team-mate to whom she can pair with- mostly of course on bot lane. Learn how to play her in this Yuumi League of Legends guide!

What’s exclusive about Magical cat is that she is able to attach to her team-mates allowing her to ‘travel’ between allies. She’s a Cat with a duty to find her missing owner.

Yuumi League of Legends Guide

What is the Story Behind Magical Cat?

Yummi’s story started in Bandle city, where she had lived with Norra. This enchantress yordle, who owned a Magical Book teleported them to various places that the Book interpreted. Just like every furry companion, she followed and protected her owner until one day Norra had traveled through book somewhere threatening. The portal was destroyed. Desperate Cat turned to the Book asking for help finding her bellowed owner. Relying on Norra’s scent and the Book, Yummi travels to Summoners Rift to find her yordle friend.

Now that we’ve been introduced to our Magical Cat, let’s proceed to the Yuumi League of Legends Champion Guide.

What Are Yuumi’s Abilities?

Yuumi Passive League of Legends GuidePassiveBop ‘n’ Block is an ability that grants shield; it also regains mana and her cooldown is on a scale that’s based on your present level of the champion. If Yuumi is attached to an ally with “W” (“You and Me”), your team-mate receives a shield that lasts until it’s damaged by an enemy champion. Her shield appears when attacking an enemy which is similar to Malphite Granite Shield.


Yuumi Q League of Legends GuideQProwling Projectile has six skill point slots and you are given a free point in “You and me” at level one. When Yuumi is attached to a team-mate, “Q” ability can be controlled just like Sion’s ultimate ability. When it comes to Prowling Projectile if the missile’s movement is long enough you are able to slow an enemy, mark them which can activate Font of Life Rune and you can also get more bonus damage.


Yuumi W League of Legends GuideW – “You and me” is an interesting characteristic for Yuumi, she sticks from ally to ally supporting the team by healing and giving them a shield. While being attached Yuumi is untargetable from enemy champions, except towers. This way she can follow her allied champion but doesn’t possess the ability to attack. Yuumi and her ally gain some of each other’s AP or AD. When attached, Yuumi can bounce from team-mate to team-mate without cooldown reduction, although if she stays un-attached you’ll have to wait for cooldown until being able to attach again.


Yuumi E League of Legends GuideE – “Zoomies” is an ability that costs a lot of mana. With this spell, Yuumi can heal herself and gain movement speed which lasts for two seconds. Since the cooldown reduction is very long it’s probably the best to use this spell for healing low health allies or giving movement speed when being in a dangerous situation. While attached, your ally is the one being healed. The spell has two changes and she is able to have a change every 18 seconds.


Yuumi R League of Legends GuideR – “Final Chapter” is very easy to play. The Book launches seven waves that deal magic damage. Champions who are hit by 3 waves are rooted for 1.75 seconds. It’s fun that Yuumi can move while casting the spell and use “W” and “E” at the same time. Since the area of Ultimate ability is wide, it’s accessible to root multiple enemies. If using Final Chapter while being attached to a champion, it will move in the same direction as your ally.

When it comes to this squishy champion, you might consider using Heal or Ignite over Flash.

Which items are the best for Yuumi?

Spellthiefs EdgeSpellthief’s Edge” would probably be the best-started item for one support since it gives you enough gold. Not only does it give you gold, but it also grants an additional poke. This is the item you should always take when playing a role of support.


FrostfangFrostfang“- An upgrade of your Spellthief’s Edge so you can double earn gold. This item also grants mana regeneration, which is really important for support. Once you’ve earned 500 gold with the use of passive, it allows you to use stealth ward.


RedemptionRedemption”  has shown more than useful when using it as a support. When it’s activated, heals ally champions even from a larger distance area of the map, which means it can heal multiple champions. Another thing that’s great about this item is that it can be used while being dead, which could definitely change the gameplay course.


Mikaels CrucibleMikael’s Crucible” one of the situational items. It strengthens your shield and heal. Same as Ardent Censer and Redemption it works really well with “E” and Passive. It also retains an ability for removing crowd control that can be helpful for your team.


Boots of Mobility“Boots of Mobility”  will help Yuumi since she’s considered being one of the squishy champions. We are all aware that 1vs1 fights won’t do much, so all you can do is rely on the movement speed. Not only does Yuumi need speed in this kind of situation, but when it comes to warding or helping other lanes as well.

Example of a full build would be:

Athene’s Unholy Grail

Boots of Mobility  

Eye of Watchers  

Ardent Censer

Zeke’s Convergence



Not only does Yuumi win cat lovers hearts, but every League of Legend fan is eager to try the new Magical support. However, it seems that statistics are giving the one image that we didn’t want to see: low win rates in gameplay. Perhaps there should be added some buffs and once the players get used to this champion, Yuumi might turn out to be an excellent choice as support.

Will Yuumi find its owner and will Norra be the next champion to be found in our League of Legends guide somewhere in the future?

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